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AUG 2021:  WE DO NOT HAVE PUPPIES AT THE MOMENT. Litter planned for late Fall 2021. Please check back for updates. Please note, we DO NOT take deposits, too many variables before a littler is on the ground.  We do not place colors based on potential puppy buyers preferences. While we will consider your preference for markings and sex, we ultimately will place pups based on temperament and what will best match said new family. If this is not going to work for you, please look elsewhere.     


Minnie adds 6 more points at the Golden Valley KC, San Joaquin KC and Reno KC's. She went WB/BOS for 2pts (Golden Valley), WB/BW/BOS for 1pt (San Joaquin), and then WB/BOS, WB/BOW/BOS twice at Reno KC for 1pt each day. She was expertly handled by her bestie Sonda Peterson all weekend.  Minnie sits with 13pts and 1 major towards her AKC championship (pending AKC).

Cassius and his owner/trainer/dad Ruben stepped foot into their very first Agility trial in Prunedale, CA 8/14-15 and went 4/4 with 4 First place finishes for novice qualifying runs - two in jumper courses and two in standard courses. We're so proud of these two!

Erie, "UKC Ch. Firbrand and Soleil's CH Firebrand & Soleil’s Unsalted at Siglow TKN CGC" picked up her last points to finish off her AKC CHAMPIONSHIP completely owner-handled by her momma Theresa!  We are SO proud of these two!! Erie is first in her litter to fininish, and first CH. for her momma Luna.  Jess and I are incredibly proud of this litter, Hatch and Minnie are hot on Erie's tail to hopefully finish their AKC Championships soon too! 


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Cash & Nikki
Ch.Shelterwoods Femme Fatale,TT & Shelterwood's Golden Gloves, RN, CGC

Pronounced "So-Ley", Soleil Boxers is located in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area, (Northern California).  "Soleil" is the French word for "sun", which happens to be our last name.  We believe in proper health testing, and we do not support backyard breeders nor puppymills.  Though we do not breed often, when we do plan a litter, we to strive to produce healthy, long-lived, conformationally and temperamentally sound boxers.  We believe in a "well-rounded" boxer, with beauty, brains and longevity as well.

We participate in conformation in the AKC, USABOX-supported Sieger shows, and IABCA rings, however our main focus is in AKC and the USABOX-supported Sieger shows.  Because we believe boxers are more than just a pretty face, we hope to maintain the working aspect of our breed, and believe our dogs should be able to excel in performance and working events as well.  There are Soleil-kids in the Agility, Nosework/scent detection, Obedience, Dock diving and out training for dog sport (IGP formally known as IPO or schutzhund) as well.

We support the choice to crop and dock, and also appreciate the "au natural" boxer.  Our boxers are not just show dogs nor are they just working and performance prospects, they are first and foremost members of our family and the same goes for puppies we have placed. 

We want to thank Maribess Johnson, our wonderful friend and mentor who started this all.  She was the only one to take a chance on us when we were just a "couple of college kids".  


We are members of Boxers West, USABOX and the Sacramento Valley Boxer Club.


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